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MA in Black Sea Cultural Studies

Next Intake – October 2012

The Structure

The MA in Black Sea Cultural Studies (full-time) is a one-year programme comprised of three parts over three semesters. It is taught mainly on weekdays over three-hour teaching periods. The first two semesters cover the core and elective modules of the programme. Each teaching term has 13 teaching weeks followed by a 10-day exam period.

The MA in Black Sea Cultural Studies provides specialised education in demanding areas of interest such as Archaeology, History, Ethnography, Historical Geography, Art, Religion, Mythology, Politics, Diplomacy and Economy.

The third period is taken up with work on the Master’s dissertation.

The Course

The Black Sea region, with its special geophysical and cultural characteristics, is regaining significance as a geopolitical region between Europe and Asia. The important natural resources and the crucial position of the region at the hub of international routes has aroused the interest of many nations over the ages, leading to numerous events of great cultural and historical significance.

The Black Sea region continues to be one of the great international gateways, of considerable importance for Europe as well as for Asia and the East. Over the last decades, research institutions and university departments all over the world have promoted research programmes concentrating on this region of such rich scientific material.

hus the School of Humanities is launching the “MA in Black Sea Cultural Studies”, which is based on an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the history and culture of the Black Sea region. The study and interpretation of the historical and cultural data of this region, an area of increasing geopolitical and economic importance, will provide the student with an outstanding opportunity to specialise in a research domain of such significance in our times.

The Master’s Programme “MA in Black Sea Cultural Studies” promotes learning and teaching characterised by a diversity of teaching methods. The programme’s duration is three semesters, of which the first two are taken up with taught modules and the third is dedicated to the master dissertation. The nine taught modules include two core and seven elective modules.

It is addressed to graduates in:

  • Humanities,especially
    • History
    • Archaeology
    • Art history
    • Ethnography and Social Anthropology
  • Political Sciences
  • Economics
  • International Relations

Our graduates (depending on the stream they choose) will be able to work in:

  • Educational and research institutes and academies all over the world dealing with the Black Sea region
  • Archaeological services, especially in the Black Sea countries (and also in Greece), or foreign archaeological missions in those countries
  • Museums, galleries and other places of collection, study and exhibition of works of art, especially from this region
  • The Diplomatic Corps or other state services
  • Businesses which operate or have interests in the Black Sea region

The Core Modules

First Semester

  • Historical geography and cartography of the Black Sea (ancient and medieval period)
  • Historical geography of the Black Sea (modern and contemporary period)

The Elective Modules

First Semester (2 out of 5)

  • Archaeology – Monumental topography of the Black Sea region
  • Ancient history of the Black Sea region
  • Medieval history of the Black Sea region
  • Modern and contemporary history of the Black Sea countries
  • Contemporary ethnographic issues of the Black Sea

Second Semester (5 out of 10)

  • Ancient art in the Black Sea region
  • Medieval art in the Black Sea region
  • Modern art and architecture in the Black Sea region
  • Ancient religions and mythology of the Black Sea region
  • Black Sea countries and the European Union
  • Black Sea region and Asia
  • Nation states and globalisation
  • Examination of the contemporary economy in the Black Sea region
  • Immigrations and minorities in SE Europe
  • Interactions of cultures and nations in the Black Sea region

Third Semester


As a part of the MA programme, students work on a subject relating to their academic interests and stream specialisation. The Master’s dissertation provides a good opportunity to apply theory and concepts learned in different courses to a Black Sea related issue or challenge. The Master’s dissertation tests students’ ability both to apply a certain methodology and approach in the analysis of a given problem and to demonstrate reasonably original research or fieldwork.

A member of the academic faculty supervises students throughout their projects. The supervision is delivered through face-to-face meetings at the University and through the e-learning platform of the University.

MA in Black Sea Cultural Studies

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