Golden Destiny establishes new office in Istanbul

GOLDEN DESTINY as of today is operating from two locations as one undivided company and operation, Piraeus and Istanbul.

After a very successful preparation and penetration of the Turkish shipping market, for more than 3 years, two of company’s colleagues, Mr. Ozgur Cubuk and Mr. Can Ekin Dinc, repatriated to Istanbul in order to add further value to the company, both in Turkey and Internationally, with the continuous presence of GOLDEN DESTINY to this very rapidly developing hub of the Global Shipping Community.

Ozgur Cubuk, being a well experienced Shipbroker, Naval Architect and Navigator, is heading this expansion and the operation out of Istanbul and is appointed as one of GOLDEN DESTINY’s Deputy Managing Directors.

GOLDEN DESTINY’s Istanbul office is an extension of GOLDEN DESTINY’s Sale and Purchase Department, and a promoter of the overall services that company currently provides, namely Ship Sale and Purchase, Marine Insurance, Market Research, Ship Valuations, Consultancy and Chartering.

GOLDEN DESTINY believes that through unrestricted flow of information within its organization and continuous improvement in the quality of services provided, achieves value creation to its Clients, Partners, Associates, Itself, and the Society in which it operates.

Effective as of today GOLDEN DESTINY, will be operating under a new domain,, strengthening its position as an International Company.